Monday, December 2, 2013

Website Ideas


Site Objectives:

I would love to have my website be a complete guide to who I am (as a student and potential employee) for employers to look at when considering me for internships, and, in a year, jobs. As a Communications Studies Major, there are many fields that I could potentially go in to. Currently, I am not entirely sure what I would like to do but I have interests in marketing, public relations, college admissions, and speech-writing. Based on my interests and the fact that I'm currently looking for a sum mer internship, I am hoping that my audience is potential employers. They need to see my qualifications  and why I am a good candidate for the job. This means that my resume, possibly a cover letter, contact information, and portfolio need to be easily found and accessible.
One possible scenario includes potential employers looking at my credentials to see if they want to hire me. I will include my resume and portfolio and keep a professional tone throughout my website.


Some content and features the I will include: social media widgets (LinkedIn), a contact form and information (email), my resume, portfolio (a few papers, links to my slideshow, video), valuable experience (study abroad trips), and possibly a photo gallery of my experiences.

Design inspirations:

This website has a very interactive home page, is colorful and fun but clearly well put together.

This website is also pretty interactive, but also includes the tabs for navigation as you scroll down. I like that it always allows you to find where you are.

I also like this website because it is simple and pretty and easy to navigate.

Although this is a single page website, I like the (city) landscape background and having the navigation screen overlay it. (In case you couldn't tell from my blog).

On this site, I like that the widgets and navigation tabs are so easily accessible, but not the main focus, and being at the bottom of the screen is somewhat unique.

Bonus! I love that this site is simple and uses pictures as control tabs. It's also interactive and friendly, but still professional.

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